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“During the designing process my main goal was to produce a wing that will feel very safe in the hands of a wide range of D class pilots. While using all of the newest technologies, the King proved itself to be a really good performance glider that is capable of coping with turbulence in a very friendly manner, something which made all my testing hours into pure joy. The ideas that have been growing on my desk for some time now are reflected in this wing in best possible way. I am really satisfied with the final product and I believe many pilots will be able to benefit a lot from the extraordinary performance and great overall feel of the King.”

Aljaž Valič



The King is an EN/LTF D wing designed for advanced, performance-oriented pilots. Its solid feel and safe behaviour makes the King suitable for a wide range of performance pilots, but it is remains a classic D class wing.

King trimming manual can be found HERE


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