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“We’re quite proud of the Queen 2 and the way it has demonstrated our ability to build a wing that is right up there with the very best of the “conventional” paragliders yet is an honest EN C wing at heart. In our minds there is no reason why the adventure flying and the hike&fly crowd should be denied access to such a wing just because they don’t wish to carry the extra weight – so we made a version where they get the best of both worlds! The Q-light is a full kg lighter than the Queen 2 (size MS) and has the trademark Triple Seven lightweight risers and line maillons, but other than that it is not easy to distinguish the two wings from each other. This is completely on purpose since the Queen 2 is already the finest wing we can imagine at this point in time – the Q-light is all that but lighter!”



The Q-light is the ideal tool for long, difficult hike&fly adventures in remote mountain areas. Its high passive safety level in combination with a performance level that is way out of its class together means that you couldn’t find a better wing for such an endeavour. But as usual in these cases, if your own goals are less ambitious, and perhaps involve nothing more than being able to take your XC glider on trips where baggage weight and bulk is a concern, then the Q-light is again the ideal companion.


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