Triple Seven 777 QUEEN 2

Triple Seven 777

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“The Queen2 is built with one very specific objective in mind; to be the highest-performing EN C wing on the market today! But it wouldn’t be a Triple Seven design if it wasn’t also a true pleasure to fly, and a very easy wing in its class too – just like all our other high-performance models. We increased the number of cells, both to acquire a more sleek canopy shape and in order to build a more complex internal “space frame”. This new internal construction brings the torsion resistance of the wing to a level that makes it super solid above your head when needed. The new internal layout contributes significantly to the improved climbing ability, as well as the ability to convert bumps into energy during turbulent transitions.”

Aljaz Valic



The Queen 2 is purpose-built to win Sport-class trophies in competitions all over the world. The Sports class is the new Serial class for pilots unwilling to accept the risk levels in Serial and Open class competitions, and for these pilots, as well as for pilots wanting to go on big XC adventures, the Queen 2 is nothing short of the perfect choice. In spite of the very high performance of this wing it is still a “solid” EN C wing with no surprises built in.


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