Triple Seven 777 KNIGHT LIGHT

Triple Seven 777

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“We know that most pilots enjoy the increased versatility of the new lightweight generation of wings, and have decided to offer all our new wings in lightweight versions too. The new K-light follows the D-light in this move, and essentially does everything that the Knight does, in a lighter, more compact package. We believe it will be the perfect choice for a wide range of pilots, from hard-core globetrotters to hike&fly enthusiasts, or simply pilots looking for the same experience in a lighter, more compact package – perhaps due to relatively long access walks to their local flying site, or for some other equally reasonable reason.”

Aljaz Valic



The K-light is the perfect Globetrotter paraglider, built to take up minimum space and weight allowance for when you’re packing for that big trip. Once you arrive at your destination it morphs back into the perfect XC machine, more than capable of taking you on BIG flights through unfamiliar skies. Its refined mix of performance and versatility also makes it the first choice for weight-watchers with a less global outlook – take it up any local hill and discover your home sites in a new, more enjoyable way!



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