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Triple Seven 777

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“As soon as we realized that the gap between the Pawn and the Rook 2 was too great we started thinking of the perfect wing to bridge that gap. With the Knight we’re pretty sure we have accomplished what we set out to do; to build a wing which is suitable for just about everyone who loves paragliding, but who doesn’t want too much mental workload during their thermal- and XC flights. Very few of us fly as much as we would like to, so when we do get out we want the day to be perfect, and the Knight can help with that!”

Aljaz Valic



At Triple Seven we think of this new wing as the ideal “weekend warrior” tool; plenty of performance to allow such a pilot to reach their lofty flying goals, but not so twitchy as to put them off trying… We achieved this balance by taking all the best from the gliders both above and below the Knight in our model range and mixing these characteristics together into a cocktail worthy of even quite discerning pilots’ admiration and respect.


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